Fine Art

A Collection of Fine Artists and their Work!

Catherine Taylor Parry

Catheryn Taylor Parry My work is inspired by the landscape and weather around my home in a village in Wales. Ipaint on canvas and paper my work is poetic and full of colour both bright and muted, texture and feeling. I draw, paint or print using a mix of materials and...

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Tara Dean

Tara Dean Fine Artist After studying Illustration at Harrow College where I experimented with different types of printmaking I returned to North Wales to continue developing my work. Drawing is really important within the work I produce, and it is these original lines...

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Ronnie Drillsma

Ronnie Drillsma Fine Artist Ronnie studied children’s book illustration which taught her the importance of drawing.  She says you can be quirky and impressionistic in painting style but it has to hang on the drawing. Ronnie uses rollers rather than a paintbrush,...

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Carol Udale

Carol Udale Fine Artist Carol started out as a potter and then moved onto painting and printing. In March 2013 she combined all three disciplines and now produces her own designs on fine bone china mugs and also produces coasters.  Carol also draws and paints...

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Angie Hoopert

Angie Hoopert Fine Artist Graduating from Bristol with a degree in Graphic Design/Illustration, Angie lives in Mold, North Wales and works from her top floor studio. Working in oils, the Welsh land, sea and skyscapes are the subject of her paintings. Angie finds oil...

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