Stephanie Brown Glass Artist

Stephanie Brown Glass Artist

Stephanie Brown Glass Artist

Always having a strong interest in art since childhood, I chose the path to become an artist; Beginning my journey by studying for a National Diploma, then starting my Applied arts degree at North Wales school of art and design, graduating in 2013. There, I quickly discovered my love of glass, constantly wanting to try new ways of working, from casting to fusing.

Subconsciously, I would always be looking at light and its effect on its surroundings, even before I became a glass artist; after realizing my interest, my work developed, I started to work with the material, using light as another medium. I realized how much this had an influence on me, evaluating what I was naturally drawn to in everyday life and eventually finding enjoyment in working with stained glass, working with natural light and vibrant colours, brought to life by bringing them through in my sketches, throwing the colours around the works surroundings.

Usually studying wild flowers, individually sketching each component and composing together to create window hangings that add colourful light to anywhere they may be.

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