Joanne Cox Jeweller

Joanne graduated in 2004 from the North Wales School of Art and Design with a BA Hons in Applied Arts.  Since graduating she has set up a studio in Cheshire. Working on her range of anodised aluminium jewellery, she is inspired by colours and patterns found in nature.  She takes images of flora and fauna which are the starting point of her design process.  The textures, patterns and structures inform the materials which she selects for printing onto the metal with dyes and inks.  A chosen palette of subtle or vibrant background dyes and then applied and mixed freely on the surface, the hues, tones and blends created make each piece unique.

Skeleton leaves, insect wings, tree bark, peacock feathers and the silhouette of winter tree branches against sunsets feature in my recent work.  Each piece is hand printed, dyed and crafted by me in my studio.

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